Arizmendi Culinary Scholarship

Two awards of $3,000 to pay for the entire cost of a student’s tuition, supplies and books for completing their second year in the culinary program at Contra Costa College.The Arizmendi Bakery on Lakeshore Avenue in Oakland is a part of the broader Association of Cooperatives, founded in 1996. The Association develops democratically run businesses whose worker-owners are in control of their own livelihood. The Arizmendi Association is deeply committed to the Bay Area community and want to invest in future culinary talent. The Arizmendi Lakeshore membership will offer this scholarship to a Contra Costa College student who is dedicated to the culinary arts and their community. Applicants must meet the following criteria: 1) be enrolled and majoring in Culinary Arts at CCC, 2) have completed at least 12 units in Culinary Arts, 3) have a minimum 2.5 GPA, 4) be enrolled full-time at the time of application (spring semester), or 6 units for DSPS students, and 5) enroll at CCC at least half-time for the upcoming fall semester. This award will be disbursed in two equal halves for fall and spring semester.